Fat Mask is a frenetic party puzzle brawler
in which you connect pieces of monsters to create
even bigger monsters. Watch out for other players
trying to steal your Combos!



By connecting 3 matching monster blocks, you create a Monster Combo.

Monster Combos have a timer: the line circling the combo. While the timer is active you can add more monster blocks. Each added blocks restarts the combo's timer.

When thetimer is done, the last player to have played on the Monster Combo wins the points. The bigger the combo, the more points you get!


While a combo’s timer is still active, any player can add a matching block on the Monster Combo to steal it.

If another player adds a matching monster block, it will now belong to him. You can (and SHOULD) steal combos on and on until the combo’s timer ends or someone instantly closes the Monster Combo.


Monsters will spit Power-Ups! After collecting a power-up, the next block you will shoot will be infused with a unique power that can heavily disrupt a combo!

Example: A Green Power-Up will shuffle the blocks’ colors and make it difficult for your opponents to add a matching block. The bigger the Monster, the more powerful the Power-Up will be!


Monsters have unique interactive properties that you can use at your advantage.

For example, a Green Monster acts like a trampoline, making it possible to jump higher! On the other end, stepping on a Red Monster will impede your movements, so mind your steps! You will discover many more Monsters as you play.

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